An AI assistant for boring work

Brief Overview of our reasoning behind building an AI Assistant

An AI assistant for boring work
Software is like furniture, we work on it but not with it - Konstantine Buhler

When the iPhone 4s came out it was loaded with Siri and I convinced my parents to buy me one just so I could take it apart. I was obsessed with the idea of an intelligent assistant.

The launch of these smart assistants gave me hope I could eventually offload the time consuming and boring tasks in my day to day life as both a student and eventual founder to AI, but instead (like most of us today), I was met with an assistant that can set timers, play music, answer calls (sometimes) and for the last 10 years has made very little progress towards handling more complex tasks in my day-to-day life, besides "Hey Siri, Turn on the TV".

Today we have breakthrough advancements in AI that go beyond the research lab and with the widespread adoption of Large Language Models  my hope has been restored in the future of AI Assistants as the primary interface for high-bandwidth work, creativity on the desktop.

At Light we are building the AI assistant of the future, the one we were promised long ago (from both sci-fi movies and large corportions) but have yet to receive, designed for both work and creativity with an emphasis on reliability.  Standing on the shoulders of the latest advancements in AI enables us to create more dynamic conversational UI's and offload menial, mind numbing, repetitive tasks to remove the feeling of working on a computer and add the feeling of working with it!

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